Sophomore Goals

I live for efficiency, and if I’m going to be efficient I need a plan. To have a plan, one must have goals.

A goal is something that will challenge you.  You may not archive all of your goals, but pursuing them will be just as rewarding.

My three goals for Sophomore year are:

  1. Become more athletic/sexy/physically attractive
  2. Finally earn a girlfriend
  3. Explore on campus and push the limits of my social circle

Number 1:

I tell myself that I can do anything I put my mind to. The truth is that is largely true. I can’t think of anything that I genuinely wanted to do, tried to do, and then failed at. It simply doesn’t happen.  I want to be good at a video game—I do it. I want a 4.0 at Carnegie Mellon University—no problem. This time, I’m really stretching my talents.  Can somebody who is traditionally non-attractive become universally sexy?

Sexiness is largely a factor of appearance.  Appearance is something that I believe to be extremely similar to programming capability.  Some people are just born with it, some people are just born without it, and some people just work so hard at it that they do it anyway.

I don’t like working out, but if I want to claim that I can do anything  I need to do this. I need to be able to say, “I can conquer appearance. I can change physically increase my attractiveness.”

Number 2:

Throughout high school, I didn’t care for a relationship.  Girls are expensive, and a relationship is a distraction.  Why would I want a girlfriend?

Starting college, it was the same.  But then I met a special girl who changed my perspective on life. I probably blew my opportunity with her, but she convinced me that there may be others who can make me be better.

This will probably be the hardest goal for me to achieve because it depends on somebody else doing something for me to be successful, I can go up to every girl on campus and if they all say, ‘no,’ then I fail.  The real problem though is that I’m not going to ask every girl on campus.  It will be a struggle to even talk to a girl.  I’ll be lucky if I ask even a single girl.

Number 3:

This is probably the easiest goal for me to achieve. I want to do more this year than I did Freshman year. I went to different things as a Freshman, but I didn’t really explore. I went to things that I knew I would already like. I made excuses about being busy instead of going to other activities.  I can, should, and will change this year.




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