Love – June 2015

“I love you, but I hate the way you act sometimes.”

“The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.” – Tad Hargrave

“One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who sees everything you are and won’t let you be anything less. They see the potential of you. They see endless possibilities. And through their eyes, you start to see yourself the same way as someone who matters to you; as someone who can make a difference in the world. If you’re lucky enough to find this person, never let them go.”

“I shouldn’t be jealous. You aren’t even mine.”

“If I open up to you, then you’re probably special.”

“Never say goodbye when you still want to try. Never give up when you can still take it. Never say you don’t love them when you can’t let go.”

“I can go days without talking to you, months without seeing you, but not a second goes by that I’m not thinking about you.”

“There is nothing wrong with loving the one who hurt you because true love is unconditional.” – D. Ridgley

“I still remember how we started talking.”

“You make me laugh when I’m not even in the mood to smile.”

“I’m not sure how to impress you so I hope being myself is good enough.”

“My heart drops when I think about you being with someone else.”


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