Love Is Like Hunting

It is the beginning of the hunting season, and a deer is running through the forest. A hunter is waiting, and then the hunter sees the deer.

A boy and a girl are living life. Then, they see each other.

The hunter begins tracking the deer.

The boy and girl flirt.

The deer continues to run and play in the forest.  Eventually the deer becomes tired of running.

The boy becomes tired of the flirting and wants to know what the girl really sees in him.  Could they have a serious relationship with each other?

The deer turns around and walks up to the hunter, standing with its face in front of the gun barrel.

The boy confronts the girl and asks her if she likes him?

Usually the hunter shoots the deer and goes home with the prize.

The boy was rejected and the girl moves onto a different boy. The boy’s heart shatters. 

Sometimes, the hunter has a soft spot.  Sometimes the hunter drops the gun and lets the deer go free.

The girl says ‘yes.’ The boy and the girl live happily ever after. 



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