Technology – October 2015

Make an interface symmetric if you can. Otherwise make it obviously asymmetric. Near symmetry is the worst, e.g. USB.

“Two years ago: We won’t use the cloud due to security concerns. Now: We want to move to the cloud due to security concerns.” – John D. Cook

“The good news is MS finally nailed the tablet style PC. Bad news is, Apple is entering the same market with iPad Pro avail in a few weeks.”

“Smart Phones are Slavery”

Worker: Elon, Apple called. I’m going to work in Sunnyvale.
Musk: You’re fired
Worker: I quit though
Musk: You can’t. I just fired you.

“Your cell phone has already replaced your watch, camera, calendar and alarm clock. Please don’t let it replace your friends and family.”

“We spend billions of dollars looking for life on other planets, and spend trillions of dollars killing this one.”


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