Code – January 2016

“Proper justification for buying a powerball ticket, and working at a startup, despite the insane odds, are the same: because it’s fun.” – Jeff Atwood

“it’s generally easier to go from working code to different working code than it is to go from broken code to working code” – Kent Beck

“In the end we’re all just singletons looking for an edge”

Denial: “No one uses IE 8 any more.”
Anger: “How can #*!% IE not support this?!”
Bargaining: “If I use this script, it will almost be the same in IE, right?”
Depression: “I’ll never be able to make anything cool because of IE.”
Acceptance: “It’s OKAY if things look different in old IE.”

“I love programming. One day you solve world hunger in ten minutes. Next day you spend the entire day making the button blue.”

“A system is never finished being developed until it ceases to be used.” – Jerry Weinberg

“The condition of any backup is unknown until a restore is attempted.”

“The two most critical skills of a programmer, forming good abstractions and avoiding complexity, are largely untouched by CS curriculums” – Nathan Marz


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