Code – February 2016

A: “ugh, javascript is awful”
B: “how long have you been trying to learn it for?”
A: “like, a solid morning”

Designers: Add up all the time you took complaining about Photoshop/Sketch, and you could’ve just learned to code.

“In programming, if a unit of code named Foo has too many responsibilities we rename it to FooManager. So basically, it’s just like business” – Justin Searls

“interview idea: in the waiting area have an elderly person with a walker. sound a fake fire alarm. does the candidate help or run?” – Kent Beck

“There are three kinds of operating systems: Penguin, Squares, and Fruit.”

“Bad programmers with exceptional short term memory are the worst to clean up after because they’re able to write more code before giving up.”

“Swapping out the term “open plan offices” for “open pit offices” would convey a bit intuition for what they’re like.” – Stephen Diehl

“One of the things I have my developers do is always add an array to a class that contains the names of all classes it inherits from.”

“People don’t buy the best product. They buy the product they can understand the fastest.” — Donald Miller

“Many hands make light work” — Often But many hands make more work — Always — Fred Brooks


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