CMU – February 2016

“If you don’t put vector signs I will crucify you.” -Physics TA

“It’s not the size of my set that matters, it’s the injection”

“If you steal from one author, it’s plagiarism. If you steal from two, it’s research.” – Wilson Mizner

Being a mathematician is a bit like being a priest: when people find out what you do, they feel the need to confess.

“I love arguing with students – it’s my second favorite sport after calculus.”

Student: “CMU please give me a break!”
CMU: “Break? You want a break? Okay I’ll break you!”
Then the student is broken.

“Leadership is an education and the best leaders think of themselves as the students not the teachers.” – Simon Sinek

Little girl: “I don’t think I’m ready to go to college yet.”
Dad: “Why do you say that?”
Little girl: “It doesn’t look fun.”


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