Code – February 2016

“Most great works have been made by one mind. The exceptions have been made by two minds.” — Fred Brooks

“Today, most software exists, not to solve a problem, but to interface with other software.” — I. O. Angell

If we stopped what we were doing every time the build went red, we’d never get anything done.

When a programmer says, “I can learn any language in a week”, I hear “I only know a week’s worth of any language”. – William Pietri

There are always a lot of performance issues at play, so it’s better just never to touch my code.

“Giving up on the expectation that software should behave the same on different computers. Oh well. Vive la difference.” – John D. Cook

“If it’s so hard to make two computers the same, can’t understand how anybody could expect two people to be the same.” – John D. Cook

Undeniably writing is faster in dynamic languages. Static ones are easier to read and reason. We spend most time reading code. Do the math – Tomasz Nurkiewicz

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” — Wyatt Earp

It’s easier to extend simple systems than it is to extend “extensible” systems, I find. – Simon Burnning


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